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Choose a regular batch from our playschool schedule and we will come pick up your doggo to play & exercise with other furry friends guided by our expert handlers !

Includes all fun activities!

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*available only upto 7kms radius from Hinjewadi Phase II

One of the main goals in starting HappyDogs was to make our dogs’ and their families’ lives easier. Being comfortable around others is a life skill for any dog and socializing them the right way is key. During our playschool sessions, through different methods, we get dogs to interact in healthy ways and have a fun experience. No dog is left unsupervised at any time and our experts are trained in handling all kinds of situations.

We encourage dog parents to come check out the place once before we start our playschool sessions to get an idea about what exactly we do here. We also do a house visit to see how your doggo behaves in the comfort zone of your house and to understand their temperament. Let us know when you would like to come over!

We believe every doggo should have basic training to make their own lives easy and fun! Training allows us to set necessary boundaries for their safety and ours. It also gives them guidance and someone to look upto (much like children!)

The interaction that will happen while giving them basic training will help us understand their temperament and behaviour so we become good friends and they feel comfortable with us! It will also help us group them with other dogs suitable to their needs for an enriching experience for all!

We feel you! Our pooches are a part of our family and sending them away with strangers can seem scary. Rest assured, we consider all doggos and hoomans who join our community as part of our ever growing family! Your babies are in good hands and their safety is our top most priority, with no compromise on fun ofcourse! You can tune into our live webcam anytime and see your pooches frolicking around!